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Thread: The Source of Morality

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    Quote Originally Posted by usfan View Post
    I started a whole other thread.. just for you, and this concept.

    PLEASE don't make me take the blame for you starting yet ANOTHER thread on the evidence for a Creator

    Your points here are NOT 'rational conclusions', but a projection of bigotry and bias.

    You say, "Christians just choose to believe superstitions! They have no evidence but are just living in a fantasy!'

    This is false. Most Christians i know, know God. They have an intimate, personal relationship with the Almighty Creator of the universe. THAT is the basis for their belief.

    And that belief is SUBJECTIVE, based on emotion and personal conviction, the motivation of which is no doubt stimulated by entertaining the possibility of a heaven and hell and a desire to believe they can be headed for one and not the other.

    And again, I am NOT concluding they are "living in a fantasy" but only pointing out that they MAY be, because what they believe is based on faith and cannot be proven. Also it is supernatural in nature which doesn't argue in it's favor.

    You can dismiss it. Scoff, or claim 'deception!', but it is not an irrational leap of faith, as you constantly try to portray, but a logical conclusion, with the information they have.

    What information do they have - other than they have CHOSEN to believe something by FAITH? Whole bunches of humans have different religious convictions and MOST (if not ALL?) of them are wrong, if their beliefs are exclusive to one another, which most ARE.

    The irrationality lies with those admitting ignorance of God, yet presuming to 'know!', the life experiences of all other humans, for thousands of years. This irrationality is projection, from those believing in a completely unevidenced worldview (atheistic naturalism), and assuming that because they believe something without evidence, from bias or wishful thinking, (contrary to the actual facts), that others are as irrational and deluded as they are. That is not a rational conclusion, but presumption of ignorance.

    'Because I am ignorant of something, everyone must be!'

    From the 'choose to believe' thread:

    The argument for a generic Creator, and a PERSONAL God, who has instructions for mankind and a threat of judgement for not following them, and a provable notion of a personal relationship with the Divine, are LIGHT YEARS apart, theoretically. You make the jump via some kind of theological "worm hole" I guess?

    Instead of starting yet another thread on proving the existence of a Creator, why don't you just ASSUME you've made your point there (which you sort of already do ) and start writing some that BRIDGE the gap between this obvious Creator and the Christian VERSION of HIM? Isn't that where the theological "rubber meets the road" anyway? What's the POINT of believing in a Creator if that Creator doesn't necessarily have anything to DO with us after possibly tiring of what might have just been an experiment on his part?
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