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Same ideas, different methods.
The pattern seems to be the same.

Afghanistan was changing (more western, softened Islamism) when Dan and Patrick were kids, in the late 1920s. Radicals attacked. More changing in the 30's. Radicals attacked. Assassins. Yada, yada, yada. More attempts to become softened Islam and more western)...more terrorism by the religious totalitarians.

Enter other countries at various times. Nobody can fix it. The Intel Agencies started just using it for their own purposes. Taliban latest flavour of violent totalitarian religious terrorists.

The country was terrorized by their own whackjob religious zealots. They couldn't stop them, themselves. Nobody else from other nations could help them - stop them.

So basically about 100 years ago they were trying to enter the western world, and the radical religious thugs didn't let them, and currently still won't let them.