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Thread: Jesus Can Not Be Defeated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadianeye View Post
    . . . but common sense has been getting its ass kicked for quite some time.



    Kicked bad too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorRob View Post
    According to Revelation 7:4-8, only 144,000 willl make it to Heaven, so the odds of people making to heaven is like trying to push a cow threw an eye of a needle, that's if we take the 144,000 literally

    Revelation 7:4‚€“8 ESV - And I heard the number‚€¶ | Biblia

    Rob, don't you think that the intent of scripture is that Christians WILL understand these things? The book of Revelation says that it's intent is to "SHOW" the servants of God what will happen, and that blessed are they that "HEAR" the words of the book, yet different interpretations of the images and events in Revelation among Christians are MULTITUDINOUS.

    Same with the Rapture. There are seemingly TRUE Christians who disagree on the timing of this, (of which there are SEVERAL different interpretations), and those who do NOT believe there will be a catching away of believers before the coming of Christ in judgement AT ALL. What is wrong with this picture? WHY such disagreement if all these believers share the same "Spirit of Truth"?

    A "common sense" explanation here, (that would NOT be accepted or entertained by fundamental Christians as it would threaten the core of their belief in the bible), is that the scriptures DO contradict themselves in places and therefore it is no wonder that so many Christians do not agree. The problem with faith in something is that some explanations of apparent problems CANNOT be considered if the implications of that explanation would diminish or destroy the faith itself. But how do you get to the bottom of something unless you consider ALL viable possibilities?
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