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Thread: Minaj vs Reid on Vaccine

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    Minaj vs Reid on Vaccine

    So, after Nicki Minaj put out her tweet about the vaccine, Joy Reid countered it by commenting that she has millions of followers and has a responsibility to them to encourage them to take the vaccine. At the same time, she comments that blacks have a reason to be afraid of the vaccine because of past experiments and especially because of Trump. But, she counters that by saying it was okay once the FDA approved of it.

    So, not only is she picking a fight with a celebrity, she goes back and forth on whether or not it's okay to take the vaccine. Plus she throws Candace in there as another reason to be distrustful of the vaccine....or something like that.

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    She is a stupid, stupid, stupid Political Race bater and Hack, most on MSM are like her. I for the life on me can't understand why any Black person would even listen to Her, guess if you have been brainwashed by the DNC and MSM then it makes sense

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    We must continue to remind the American public that the Democrat party is the party of slavery and segregation.
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    Democracy ends in the tyranny of the 51%
    over the 49%. A bad system of governance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuaseMarco View Post

    We must continue to remind the American public that the Democrat party is the party of slavery and segregation.
    They are? Gee, I didn't know it was the 1800s again.

    What does Nicki Minaj's race/skin color have anything to do with this? The left is only attacking her because she's against the vaccine.

    And besides, she's a degenerate pop singer, so this amounts to nothing. Just more bad theater to distract conservatives. Like the CA recall.
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