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Thread: Importance of Church standards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Physics Hunter View Post
    And just to mess this discussion up, I come out of an independent fundamental evangelical Bible church background.
    No denominations, no higher organizations, just our church, the Bible, God, and loose social association with other independent Bible believing churches.
    (For that last part, fellowship, softball, basketball, shared services and loaner pastors once and a while...)

    We self govern, democratically. Our pastors are hired guns that work at the pleasure of the church.
    Does your church do door-to-door soulwinning?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Authentic View Post
    Does your church do door-to-door soulwinning?
    The churches I grew up in had door knock visits in the tool box, but usually only used it locally to inform people about the church, and salvation if the conversation went that direction...

    For 10 years we have been affiliated with what most people would call a mega (auditorium style) church. There are so many people and ministries out of that church, you could probably find a group of people going door to door giving away jalapeno and bacon omelets...
    In my experience, they tend to use advertising, internet and social media, to get new people in the door, then they get a card which (if they fill it out) allows the church to contact them.

    These churches usually explain salvation every service and if anyone accepts Christ, they are encouraged to talk to some knowledgeable volunteers out of the church that can help a new convert get their new life moving in the right direction.

    I would never bother with a nonevangelical church, since that is the only specific job the Lord left for us to do on this earth, as believers. (The Great Commission).
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