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Thread: Germany is bracing for a major electric vehicle shock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dummy View Post
    How much fossil fuel does it take to charge your electric vehicle fantasy?

    Farmers are being paid not to farm their land. Paid not to grow corn. How much fuel is not being produced at a cost? Hemp seed oil can be harvested every 4 months. Plus it grows where other crops won’t.

    You know how much a remote diesel generator electric charging station requires to charge a vehicle? I bet you don’t, and don’t care because you are drinking the totalitarian kool aid. Wake the fuck up, when has a government mandate ever benefited mankind? Hitler is calling you to the train station, don’t be late.
    Wow, it doesn't take much of a disagreement for you to flip off the handle, too bad we can't harness that amount of energy.

    How in the hell did you get from what I posted about the infeasibility of everyone powering their vehicles with veg oil to supporting electric vehicles?

    Paying farmers not to farm is really not true, true in the sense you said it.

    Paying Farmers Not To Farm? Not Exactly | Harvest Public Media

    I think governments are aholes for setting mandated dates for conversion to all electric. Let the free market move as has Volkswagen. I think we should either go to Hydrogen or see if super capacitors work out, that sounds the most promising.

    BTW, I once remembering seeing an EV drive all over the Moon.
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