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Thread: Germany is bracing for a major electric vehicle shock

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny1 View Post

    Where do you get all the Lithium? The US has ONE lithium mine. We'll have to go to China.
    And, How much lithium do you think we have? To do what you and they want, we would need 800,000 metric tons of lithium by 2040. Right now, we have approximately 365 year supply of lithium. If we ramp up production to provide EV batteries, we'll need 100 Giga factories and it would reduce the span to 17 years. Then what?
    Plenty of Lithium, Helium and strategic metals on the Moon and on Asteroids. There is currently a low profile Space race going on to set up Moon Mining bases

    Quote Originally Posted by tiny1 View Post
    How about all the mechanics who will need massive retraining? All the revenue convenience stores collect for oil and gas? And how will it affect Motorsports? It will be like watching WNBA ball, when the dragsters sound like sewing machines.
    Its already a problem, Theres a shortage of motor mechanics, and an even shorter shortage of motor mechanics who can fix EV's.

    Theres also an Electric F3 , but its like watching go karts. I suspect motor sports will continue with petrol engines, but it will slowly die out and some other sport will replace it all.

    The point here is it needs Fusion Power to make this work, where you get enough power out of 3 grams of Hydrogen to power a city the size of London for a day. Only by building huge numbers of Fusion plants is there going to be enough power. Theres been huge advances made recently and its just at our fingertips, 10-15 years tops we'll have a working fusion plant.
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    Yep. Giant blocks of lithium hurtling down roadways @ 60 mph. What could possibly go wrong?

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