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Thread: Painting The General Lee with a state flag

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    Painting The General Lee with a state flag

    I would imagine that most people on here know about The Dukes of Hazzard. In particular The General Lee. Well I got to thinking about the flag.

    >>>>Before I go any further, I am NOT trying to be politically correct or woke. This is just a suggestion I thought of about people adding a personal touch to their cars.<<<<

    Obviously, there are southerners who take pride in their confederate ancestry. Heck, there's even blacks who are proud of the flag. But, has anyone thought of painting their car to better match their state? For example, in Texas, painting the Texas flag on top, name it General Houston, and have the horn play "The Yellow Rose of Texas". Just a thought....and it gives people the idea of customizing the car to their favorite state.

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    I've thought of pasting an American flag with a "fuck you lefty" on the back of my van since the American flag offends them as much as anything else these days but I've also thought about an LED sign that will let script scroll across they can read as I juke in front of them like "get out of the left lane, dickhead", or maybe something more personal like "Chevy Fit's are fagmobiles".
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