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Thread: Does Globalization just make social and economic outcomes worse than better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Independent View Post
    Oof, I know globalism is centralized government, but I was also talking about as in private exchange of market goods, cultures, etc. across borders. Also, more rapid and global transportation and all that.

    Was anybody really listening? :?
    It is centralized corporatism, the natural outcome of allowing corporations free reign and massive public subsidies; they become oligarchies via government controls and legislation. Don't be misled into believing government is some separate foreign entity and is at odds with 'business' interests; most governments' pols are on corporate payrolls and represent money interests. Look at the list of corporate sponsors of BLM if you need examples; it couldn't exist without corporate support. Big companies love Red China.
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    Globalism, like Communism, makes all kinds of sense.

    On paper.

    People aren't paper, and, both of the above are still subject to the variances of Human Nature.

    In how these systems would actually "govern:"

    Globalism = Imperialism (In fact, this is the FINAL desire and agenda for ALL Imperialists, since the dawn of civilization...)

    Communism = Feudalism (Both being better than barbaric, tribal societies--many/most Islamist and African nations--but not by much)
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    The wisdom of economy of size is apparent in big cities versus small towns.

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