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Thread: A Girl and Her Dog?

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    A Girl and Her Dog?

    I was just looking at my old China Daily bbs account and I came across this old thread that I wrote and it made me laugh so I thought I might post it here for you guys. Enjoy. -

    I watched a fantastic movie on the weekend that is called 'A Boy and His Dog'. If you haven't seen it - its a post-apocalyptic tale about a young rapist and his telepathic dog. The young rapist is played by a young Don Johnson and its great casting because young Don Johnson is quite likeable in the role and its easy to forgive him for the fact that he is a rapist. If the casting was not so good and you couldn't forgive the main character for being a rapist then the film wouldn't work as well. Its hard to hold anything against a young Don Johnson really - even rape - so he really is perfect in the role.

    So like I said - young Don Johnson's character has a telepathic dog and the dog claims to have lost his ability to hunt for food when he learned how to talk through telepathy so one of the ways he earns his keep is by helping young Don Johnson find young ladies to rape. In this post-apocalyptic future there are not a lot of females around so the telepathic dog sniffs them out for young Don Johnson so that he can rape them. I am not really a dog person and I generally do not like dogs very much but I liked this telepathic dog a lot. He is a very funny dog.

    So there is a part of the movie where the telepathic dog sniffs out a female so young Don Johnson follows her and corners her and pulls a gun on her and tells her to undress because he is going to rape her. Young Don Johnson tells the female that if she tries to get away he will shoot her leg off and then he will still rape her with one leg. The female seems kind of turned on by it all and she also seems to be attracted to young Don Johnson which is understandable since young Don Johnson is a very attractive guy. Anyway after some stuff happens Don Johnson finally rapes the girl but it isnt really a rape because the girl is willing. After Don Johnson has finished raping the girl he kind of apologizes but the girl tells him that she didn't mind and that she liked it and she tells young Don Johnson that she would like to do it again.

    I have decided not to spoil this movie for you because it is a great movie and you really should watch it if you haven't seen it. And I was thinking that since most movies that have ever been made are being rebooted nowadays then maybe someone should make a reboot of A Boy and His Dog. And I was thinking that it would be cool if instead of the rapist being a male the rapist could be female instead like how they change male characters from old movies to females for modern reboots, like female Ghostbusters or female Oceans Eleven.

    So in the reboot there would not be a lot of men around because they died in the apocalypse or whatever - so all the females are on the lookout for men so they can rape them. So the main character would be a young lady and she could have a female dog that helped her find males to rape. Isn't that a great idea for a reboot?

    So who would be the right actress to play the role of this female rapist in your opinion? The female rapist would need to be likeable like a young Don Johnson. Who would you guys choose to play this part? If you had to get raped by a young female actress then who would you choose? How about Ariana Grande? She can act. She is quite good in the TV show Victorious and I think that she could really pull off a role like the female rapist in an upcoming reboot of A Boy and His Dog which would be called a Girl and Her Dog. Anyway who would you guys go with?

    And ladies - if you had to get raped by a young modern actor then who would you choose? Who would be the right actor to play young Don Johnson's role if the reboot kept the rapist character as a male?

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