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Thread: Terrence Williams, "at loss for words, just found out I am a White Supremacist"

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    Terrence Williams, "at loss for words, just found out I am a White Supremacist"

    I am not a fan or normal listener to Gutfield, everything he says is so snarky, but in this episode, he gets to the core of the "Cancel Culture":

    Time Mark 11:30, if you want to understand how the Black Comedian just found out he is a White Supremacist, because the doesn't support Arson.

    Here is another video talking about the Cancel-Culture, this time from Tucker:

    You won't avoid their violence by appeasement or lying low. They, Antifa, BLM, the DNC-FBI, the congressional 9-11 style commission on "Insurrection Day"...

    80 Million Americans are now on the Cancel-Lists.

    A very small percentage of Germans brought 1932 Germany the Holocaust and WWII.

    A very small percentage of Chinese brought China the Cultural Revolution and Mao's Great leap forward.

    A very small percentage of Americans are bringing America the Cancel-Culture.

    Saying nothing, is letting them destroy 80 million American people.

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