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Thread: Four Healthy British Airways Pilots Die in One Week

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKSmartypants View Post
    The was a similar vehicle in the Uk, the Nissan Frontera. A total pie lof crap. It was an attempt to build a competitor for the Land rover/ It was massively underpowered, the gearbox was dreadful, it rusted like it was made of sodium, and the worst built was it had special sized tyres, used buy no other vehicle in the observable universe, and thus a new set cost you an arm and a leg. There were garages that made a fortune modifying it so it took normal land rover tyres, like 185SR14's
    My dad had a Nissan station wagon back in the 70s, it was right after Nissan took over Dotson Motors. They were a good car back than, a strong, well build car with good gas mileage. I guess it's the fact that they got so big that like most large companies, they can't watch their product as well as when they were smaller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quark View Post
    As Elon Musk has said failure is an option, how else are you going to know what works and doesn't work.
    Maybe they are secretly monitoring the "test subjects" (the American public) so they can secretly make changes to the injection.
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