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Thread: China testing "carrier killers"

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    China testing "carrier killers"

    China tests ‘carrier killer’ after threatening US over Taiwan contacts (

    Ballistic missiles that take out ships, the article says "most US navy ships would have to leave the region in a crisis to escape their range", isn't that just dandy, what are we left with? ICBM's we wont use (women and children could get hurt) an air force that's much more likely to drop leaflets letting them know the rules of engagement we operate under and instructions on how to use tin foil to get CNN reception, main thing is they know we're no threat to them.

    “If anyone dares to separate Taiwan island from China, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will give it a head-on strike and firmly defend national reunification and territorial integrity at all costs,” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said Tuesday, when the missile test reportedly took place.
    The DF-26s create a math problem for the Pentagon. U.S. lawmakers expect that most American warships would have to leave the region in a crisis in order to escape the range of the “carrier killers.” American submarines could still operate closer to Taiwan, and B-52 bombers could arrive inas little as 28 hours, but U.S. strategists perceive a need to position additional land-based missiles in the region, in order to have enough missiles within range of Chinese positions in a major conflict.
    So our Navy is gonna have to sit this one out, check. It's OK, they're all having transgender sex with each other below decks anyway, they're not paying attention.

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