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Thread: Analysis Reveals Heart-related Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny1 View Post
    Sheesh. Propagandist.
    We have been using Hydroxochloroquine since the 1940s. Generally safe and effective. Yes, if combined with other drugs, and if it you are over 60, you can see some vision related symptoms. But for heart issues, very rare.
    Why do you leftists always spread the shit so deep? I guess you favor vaccines, huh? I guess the Regeneron Cocktail is dangerous too?
    It's people like you who have my Mom Scared shitless to come outdoors. I resent your lemming-like nonsense.
    Again, Duh, no link, no proof. Just emotional blather.

    Uncivilized posts don't deserve a civilized reply.
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