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Thread: Analysis Reveals Heart-related Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan40 View Post
    Not paranoia, reality. Liberals lie constantly and fall river repeats their lies. Truth would be to cite HCQ side affects WITH the smal percentage of occourence. And cite its many decades of success and experience. The liberal left did not do that, just the opposite.
    I guess he thought the intellectually curious people would read the article he linked.

    Here's the thing.... if the lying left creates a mistrust of ALL data, then they have won. We need to do our own research and make our own decisions independently of their fear mongering. Now you have a point that their fear mongering and misinformation was so intense that they caused some medical providers to decide to not administer the drug. But if a medical provider is so influenced by the media instead of their own due diligence into the available data.. then you have to question their qualifications to make any decision at all.
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