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Thread: Analysis Reveals Heart-related Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fall River View Post
    Analysis reveals heart-related side effects of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine | EurekAlert! Science News

    "Hydroxychloroquine [HCQ] and chloroquine were associated with higher rates of various cardiovascular problems, including life threatening heart rhythm events, heart failure, and damage to the heart muscle itself (termed cardiomyopathy)."

    "Moreover, we show how these adverse events carry high risks for severe outcomes including death, even with standard doses of the drugs."

    My comment: The reason I easily found this link is because I looked, as opposed to Sean Hannity who I recently heard on the radio still promoting Hydroxychloroquine.

    You can observe a lot just by watching - Yogi berra
    you should know better than to defend this on this forum. I have no idea if it is right or wrong. Doesn't matter here though and you should know that.
    I just scanned over the thread and I see that you are now labeled a leftist and shill for big pharma.
    Happens every time... here.
    Every F'in thread.
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    Stop the vaccine mandates. Use facts about constitutional freedoms. The 1905 SCOTUS ruling is obsolete. New technologies can provide for public safety AND protect the constitutional freedoms of those who refuse the vax. Use of easily disproven fearmongering antivax porn will kill our chances to stop the mandates.

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