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Thread: Sleepy Joe fucks up and seriously pisses the brexiteers

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    Sleepy Joe fucks up and seriously pisses the brexiteers

    Joe Biden backs down: White House desperately rows back from claims president rebuked Boris Johnson for 'inflaming tensions' in Northern Ireland through 'sausage war' spat with EU - as furious Brexiteers brand US leader 'senile'

    • Joe Biden accused Boris Johnson of 'inflaming tensions' in Northern Ireland over its EU sausage war
    • When he meets the Prime Minister on Thursday, he is tipped to set up a new 'Atlantic Charter'
    • But the US President has ordered his officials to issue a rare diplomatic rebuke to the British Government
    • Yael Lempert, charge d'affaires at US Embassy in London said UK's stance was imperilling the peace process
    • Rebuke came as crunch talks between Britain and Brussels over sausage imports failed to make breakthrough

    Brexiteers blast 'senile' Joe Biden over NI peace rebuke to Boris Johnson | Daily Mail Online

    The senile old fart needs to keep his nose out of our affairs, and fuck off. Do we tell you how to run Alaska or Hawaii? He know nothing about Northern Ireland and how delicate and tricky it is, and hes being fed a load of BS by the EU to make trouble.
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