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Thread: Rabbi Offers Religious Vaccine Exemptions For All

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    Rabbi Offers Religious Vaccine Exemptions For All

    Rabbi Offers Religious Vaccine Exemptions for All Faiths to Avoid Experimental COVID-19 Shots

    Rabbi Michoel Green appeared on Big League Politics Live where he talked about the oppression he has endured for opposing COVID-19 lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations. He is galvanizing patriots in his Hasidic community as well as the rest of America to resist experimental COVID-19 vaccinations.

    “I’ve reached out to fellow patriots. People of all kinds. We have to network and we have to be willing to stand up for each other,” Green said.“One thing I’ve been trying to explain to people in the Jewish community is that we have to understand that everything they’ve been telling us, all the fearmongering, and all the misinformation we have been fed by the government, it’s all being done as a guise, as a pretense, for them to inflict tyranny upon us,” he added.

    This Rabbi is one of the good guys !
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