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Thread: A Student Was Denied His Diploma For Wearing The Mexican Flag At Graduation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinnity View Post
    Obviously no one has been warned, infracted, or thread banned. We're all adults here and we can talk issues.

    Like I said, the dress code is the dress code. Period. "You can pick up your diploma in the office." ....not rocket science. Why it was handled any differently is baffling. The dress code stays intact and the kid has the choice to obey the dress code or not participate. This wasn't hard.

    After approximately 110 posts, the overwhelming majority of posters believe that the ingrate knew the rules, intentionally ignored them and showed his disdain for America and its symbols.

    This is allowed in America but so is the response to this. When Mexico ceases their illegal invasion of America, perhaps Americans will lose their angst for these people.

    One wonders what would have been the response in Mexico, had an American graduate worn the American flag there.
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    Earl, please stop the oblique personal attacks and let's move on. After this, I'm done asking nicely. Everyone, STOP.

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    I'm mostly Scottish according to I'll take the low road, you take the high road, and I'll be in Mexico afooooore you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
    I love the "they". It's so specific. It really nails it. And it groups them all together whether they belong in the group or not. I'm older than most trees and in my life I've had good friends, people I trusted who were white, black, Mexican, Muslim, Christian, gay, straight, and even convicted felons who I trusted a lot more than politicians. I feel sorry for those of you who are so frightened you can only think of killing.

    I wonder if even one of you "killers" claims to be a Muslim?
    Yeah ,you've got great integrity and you keep reminding us . I guess that's why you left all those minority " friends" in America and bailed out to Mexico .

    BTW Patty boy , make your mind up about whether you're going to publish that your an inhabitant of Mexico or are you going to delete that info again as soon as you get more heat about it .

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