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Thread: People are saying President trump is saying he will be back in office in August?

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    I keep hearing that but in fact there was no where near enough time to prove that the votes were fraudulent in any state, not to the extent of the election turning on that fraud before the mandated constitutional deadlines for canvassing and certifying the votes.
    LIAR!. It is obvious that the election was fraudulent. The Dumbocrats are obvious. They didn't seem to be afraid of discovery, because they had bought off, threatened, or extorted all concerned. Trump, as you are aware, could not be bought, swayed or extorted. They tried. You approved. That is why he HAD to go. He was a danger to Pelosi getting rich to the tune of 191 million since being elected. He was a Danger to the CIA and FBI being able to spy on Americans. He was a Danger to the Corruptocrats as they looted America and sold her to the Chinese. He was exposing ALL the dirt on the Dimocommies and they had to get rid of him. The RINOs were complicit.
    You are all enemies of America, AFAIC.
    To this day we can't show factually that there was enough fraud in even one state to to turn the results in that state.
    Parrot the DNC talking points, if you must, but be aware we ain't that stupid.
    Vermont says they may have enough.
    Georgia says they may have enough.
    Pennsylvania says they may have enough.
    Arizona says they may have enough.
    Those would be enough to swing the vote count in Trump's favor.

    SO, what is it you like?
    Higher Gas Prices?
    Unchecked Illegal Immigration?
    Buying Fuel from our enemies?
    Unchecked spending?
    Weakened Defenses?
    Having an imbecile as our chief Executive?

    Trump was 10 times the President of any Dumbocrat elected in the last 50 years. Those of you who bask in the Cheaters' Light, should be held liable.

    The best we can come up with so far, are estimates based on a handful of voter machines tested in a handful of districts.

    That's not conclusive proof of anything by any measure of the term.

    I get it that many of you are absolutely convinced absent any actual evidence the election was stolen but that doesn't make it true.
    Liar. You are just lying, now.

    The fact is we don't really know and probably won't for months or even more likely years and we'll never be able to show for certain just how much fraud went on, how many Trump votes were reclassed, how many Biden votes were double or triple counted, how many fraudulent ballots were cast, and how many legitimate ballots ended up in dumpsters.

    All these assertions of fact are based on the flimsiest of evidence and uncorroborated accusations which feed a predetermined narrative.

    At some point you folks are going to have to accept we can't undo 2020 and have to instead get over it and start working on 2022/24
    Bullshit. You are an unmitigated liar. You'll see, soon.
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