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Thread: AZ Audit - Deleted Files Recovered

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    AZ Audit - Deleted Files Recovered

    Cyber Ninjas have recovered the files deleted from the voting machines in Arizona.

    Link To Story

    Well well well. Looks like we've got a fly in the ointment and the Deep State is going to have to take one more huge gamble to get out of this mess. I'll bet they are weighing their options as we speak. A fully armed SWAT team with an amphibious vehicle raiding the audit arena might be a bit obvious. Faking a water main break won't do the trick either. Bombing Syria again only deflects attention for a day or two. Hmmm, quite the pickle.

    Trouble is you've got a group of criminals in AZ knee deep into this fiasco and right about now they're shaking in their boots and weighing their options too. With a long prison stretch staring them square in the face one of them could crack any minute now in order to save their own skin.

    (Note to Republican politicians - this is the moment when you push in all your chips.)

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