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Thread: With guns drawn, FBI raids couple's home looking for Nancy Pelosi's laptop

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    With guns drawn, FBI raids couple's home looking for Nancy Pelosi's laptop

    Is this STILL America?? This is outrageous. The Biden DOJ and FBI are out of control.

    With guns drawn, FBI raids Homer couple’s home looking for Nancy Pelosi's laptop

    Paul and Marilyn Hueper, owners of Homer Inn & Spa, woke with a start at 9 a.m. April 28 when a dozen armed FBI agents kicked down their front door in an investigation associated with Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s stolen laptop, which was taken during the Jan. 6 siege of the nation’s Capitol.

    [the FBI with seven guns drawn beat down the door and entered scream hands up hands up]

    Ultimately, the couple was handcuffed and interrogated for the better part of three hours before being released. In the end, it was a case of mistaken identity.

    The Huepers were in D.C. for the rally with President Trump, but they never came close to entering the Capitol, and certainly never took Pelosi’s laptop.

    It appears the FBI were most interested in Marilyn. They had a photo of a woman wearing the same coat as her, and with a similar hairstyle. The photo was taken from Capitol building cameras, according to Marilyn, but beyond the hair and coat, there is little similarity between Marilyn and the woman photographed inside the Capitol...

    ...Paul said he repeatedly asked to see a search warrant but was denied until two and a half hours had gone by. During that time, he was separated from his wife.

    “We sat there really for the first hour, not knowing what’s going on,” Paul told the Bird’s Eye View. “They never offered for us to be comfortable,” he added, “It was very harshly done.”

    Paul said the agents ransacked the house and left a huge hole in his front door, which they offered to replace.

    It does make one wonder what might have been on that laptop.

    (Not saying there necessarily is anything, it could just be the principle of the thing, that some Trump supporter dared to steal her laptop, since Pelosi is in such a high up political position)

    From the pictures, the woman did look like she could have been mistaken for the woman the authorities were looking for, although the two women do look different as well. To give you an idea of how the two compare, if I was only looking at their faces by themselves, with low resolution images, I would say maybe the two could be the same person but probably not.

    This does go to show part of the potential problem of trying to recognize wanted suspects just from their appearance.

    Just to throw in one more issue, the rise of facial recognition technology is likely to make incidents like this even more common, if anyone was wondering what could possibly go wrong with that.
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    With guns drawn, FBI raids couple's home looking for Nancy Pelosi's laptop

    On the other hand at her age maybe she just misplaced it. Just look at biden.

    One thing that I like about Pelosi: She was good in the Wizard of Oz & I liked her flying monkey's too.

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    Not sure why they want this lap top so much, they refuse to take Hunter Biden's.

    The woman should be happy she wasn't arrested for looking like a woman who may have committed a crime.

    BTW, 9am?? The FBI usually doesn't wait for their morning coffee to raid a house.

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