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Thread: Mother & daughter face criminal charges after rigging school queen vote

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    silly mom, didn't you know computers keep track of the last modified date and by whom?
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    So one can get away with rigging a national presidential election, but you still get punished for rigging a school homecoming queen vote?

    That's a head scratcher.
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    I was half expecting her last name to be Bueller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oceander View Post
    Once could just as easily argue that driving 100+ mph on an otherwise empty interstate should also not automatically translate into criminal charges.
    This is just my perspective, but it seems to me that a lot of 'rules of the road' have set a precedent that are then used to justify other liberty-restricting laws, in other areas of life.

    Oh, I'm not denying there is an analogy here, there certainly is, nor am I arguing those traffic laws shouldn't be there, but I am arguing the line needs to be drawn, and it's not okay to just say "Well we have these special rules on the road, so it's perfectly acceptable to have these type of rules in other situations."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oceander View Post
    Once could just as easily argue that driving 100+ mph on an otherwise empty interstate should also not automatically translate into criminal charges.
    A traffic ticket isn't a criminal charge.
    Misdemeanor Felony Traffic Offenses - FindLaw

    In this case, the woman was fired from her job and the daughter was expelled from school. I think that was appropriate. Criminal charges are silly, especially at a time when serious criminals aren't being prosecuted, are being released before trial with bail, and have rap sheet many pages long.

    I was driving in Wyoming and was stopped by a highway patrolman for going 75 in a 55 zone. When he was writing the ticket he asked where I worked and I said, "The City of Fort Collins." He said, "What department?" and I said, "Police."

    "Why didn't you tell me before I started writing the ticket?"
    "I would have still be speeding and I was just happy you didn't stop me when I was doing 120."
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    I read about this over the weekend.

    Not certain if it was the "mug" shot or anything, but, the picture of the daughter showed her with what we might call a "shit-eating grin."

    Wonder how long she'll be grinning in the can?
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