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Thread: Chauvin Trial VERDICT IS IN

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knightkore View Post

    Okay I stumbled on this story. There are some days the stupid just comes at you like an 18 wheeler.....
    REO Speedwagon? Eh, they had some good songs, but Cronin always sang like his balls never dropped. Looks that way, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
    i hope they riot, burn, loot and murder...i really do...whatever it takes to get the populace fed up with the progs.

    The question is why hasn't the populace become fed up enough by NOW?

    They've been at this for a straight YEAR.
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    Who says Captain Kangaroo is dead? He presided over the Chauvin trial.
    Americans despise WOKE

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