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Thread: Let's Share Some Movie Culture!

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    Let's Share Some Movie Culture!

    Every now and then I gotta watch the two "Hunchback" movies.

    1> Jean De Florette ('The Hunchback')

    2> Des Sources Manon ('Manon And The Spring')

    I'd love ya'll to watch the pair so we can get a thread going on it. Well...okay...I guess the thread begins right here, huh?

    Anyone already see the pair? Ya gotta watch them back-to-back.......

    BTW: don't bother a free download of them. It's a scam. (I tried it!) The &*&^&^ will stop before the punch line. Well worth the few dollars to pay for a download or ask AMAZON to sell you a CD.

    To my mind...they are flawless in every respect. Awesome flicks.
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    I like various genres, its probably quicker to mention what I dont like. I am not enamoured with 'screwball comedies', because the 'humour' in them i find too banal and childish to be funny. Rom-Coms dont interest me either.

    But i am partial to:

    British movies , especially the kitchen sink dramas of the 1950's - 1970's
    War Movies, espcially nuclear apocalypse dramas, but they have to be plausible
    Science fiction, especially time travel, but again the science has to be plausible.
    Spy movies
    1930'-1960's musicals. 42nd Street, for example.

    I have many favourites, which are too numerous to list, but includes, in no particular order:

    Clint Eastwoods Dollar Trilogy
    The Bourne Movies
    The Matrix Trilogy
    Jacques Tati's Movies
    The Hollywood greats - Gone with the Wind, Spartacus, Ben-Hur, Cleopatra,
    Quentin Tarantino's movies, especially Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs
    Specific Movies such as The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie, DUNE, On the Beach (1966), Get Carter (1971), Casablanca, The Third Man, The 39 Steps (1935 version), Cool Hand Luke, A Clockwork Orange, Lawrence of Arabia, Dirty Harry (Do you feel Lucky, punk..Well do you?), Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The African Queen, The Quiet Earth, The Caine Mutiny, Memoirs of a Geisha, Cube, Prometheus, Breakfast at Tiffanies, The Wicker Man (1973), Jaws, Singing in the Rain, High Society, and many more.....
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    You mention Prometheus, it could have been a good movie, but the crew travels who knows how many light years to a planet never explored and they get out to look around and the first thing they do is take off their helmets? Fail. Same with the second one. They land in a swamp on a never before seen alien planet and jump right down onto the swamp. Fail. I stopped watching both at those points. I expect some realism in shows like that and it would be beyond stupid to do that. Land your billion dollar lander in a swamp? lmao.

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