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Thread: The gayest, possibly worst music video of all time - suddenly watchable

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    Smile The gayest, possibly worst music video of all time - suddenly watchable

    You are the carbon they want to reduce

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    I remember coming across this years ago and thinking the same thing. Talk about cringe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Guapo View Post
    Here's a much better rock video, featuring your avatar's guy playing a limo driver! You might dig it.

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    Gay? Both man are bisexual. Well, Bowie isn't anymore.
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    The live version is decent:

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    Sorry I see enough faggot crap, no need to watch that crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kirk! View Post
    Sorry I see enough faggot crap, no need to watch that crap.
    I'm wondering what makes it "suddenly watchable".

    I remember watching it as a kid and I was about 16 I think and just didnt see the gayness of it at the time maybe because I didnt like the song and turned it off or didnt pay attention much but to me it looks like 2 boyfriends awfully happy to be around each other, puke, just puke.

    I got a long time friend from high school years who's gay and I dont really like being around anymore now that he's "out" and he mopes a lot about how people still wont accept gays when it's just as "natural" as heteros, he's always drunk and repetitious which I know is payback for some of my drunk calls to people but it gets tiresome trying to explain to him "I dont like to see it".

    Others "dont like to see it", it gives most of us (me anyway, I'm betting most people) the same type of feeling as seeing maggots on my dinner, or walking into a really strong outhouse, it's a natural revulsion that's a deep down genetically ingrained immediate gut reaction in the same way as fight or flight or the hunger drive and no law is gonna force a change in that or socially massaging the country so that they can inflate thier numbers through indoctrination since they cant procreate naturally and all that's leading to is a day arriving where lots of 20-30 something boys after hearing of thier AIDS diagnosis asks themselves who's to blame as they make thier lists.

    It's one of the reasons I dont watch network TV anymore, it's a norm now that the hot white girl has the masculine black boyfriend, the white guy is a clueless cuck at best if not the flamboyant gay, the sage black woman has the advice for everyone, another asterisk washes up on shore from some other 3rd world shithole and the cuck white guy offers to let him stay at his place where comedy ensues from the white guys ineptness and the foreigners exellent example of humanity that we could all learn a thing or two from, it almost writes itself these days.

    It's not gonna end well though, 20 years or less, "nationwide mental breakdown", it's the surest bet Wall street's ever had.

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