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Thread: The China They Don't Want You to See

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    The China They Don't Want You to See

    You are the carbon they want to reduce

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    Im more worried about the English - about 10 million of them only shower once a week and even then its probably only a so-called 'pommy wash'. Apparently they dont like the feeling of water on their skin. The English have a history of poor hygiene and nothing has changed - just look at the so-called English 'super rats'. Are they still throwing their garbage out their windows onto the streets? Are the garbage collectors on strike again? Why do they have 'super-rats'?

    Tibet? Ha.


    edit - The sooner they assimilate the uncivilized Chinese - like the uighurs for example - the better right?

    Seriously - this kind of attack on China is unreasonable. China are damned if they do and damned if they dont. If they force backward Chinese to assimilate into a more civilized way of life like the Chinese living in the cities they will be attacked - if they allow them to continue living an uncivilized way of life they will be attacked. And is a nation like India any more civilized overall than China? No but India is allied with the west...

    Im all for a war on the third world. I have thought a lot about it. See these uncivilized people in third world nations are very similar to Australian Aboriginals and Native Americans. Why the hell should we allow Australian Aboriginals to neglect their children by civilized standards because its part of their culture? Stolen Generation? You cant have kids living out in the bush sleeping under a tree and eating out of a garbage depot - that is neglect by modern standards. Even today Aboriginals are held to a lesser standard by dept of community services when it comes to neglect of their children and the excuse given is culture. Look at these %$%$ing Ulghurs - got their kids living in %$%$ing tents. Nomadic? WTF? And your %$%$ing Native Americans on your %$%$ing reservations. What the %$%$ is that? %$%$ their %$%$ing culture. For the sake of their children Native Americans must be assimilated.

    But yeah - you got high levels of rape in places like Papua New Guinea. Why? Culture. God damn savages. I say %$%$ them all. We should go to war with the entire third world and all uncivilized people. A final war. Thats what it should be about. Cant just single out China for political reasons though.
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    Hey! Put a warning on shit like that!
    Unwavering loyalty for my President, Donald J Trump

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    They eat pretty much anything that walks, craws, flies or swims. He talks about dogs, they also eat cats. I'm what they call an animal lover, hate when people torcher or mistreat animals especially what are pets in the Western World. Actually kind of surprised they haven't been eating Humans, maybe they do

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