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Thread: San Antonia Texas Officer was shot in hand, returned fire and killed 2 suspects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Tex View Post
    But I also wonder, were all 3 a threat?

    Dinosaur I'm not picking on you when I ask this. Ten or 15 years ago would we have asked ourselves "were all 3 a threat"? I don't think that I would have. I would have assumed that the officer did what he needed to do.

    I just wonder if all of the anti police crap that is shoved down our throats daily has made us question events that we wouldn't have questioned before? Do we no longer automatically assume that the police did what's right?
    You are right! At least partially. I never used to question police. But I was young, and naive. Now, with experience, I don't trust any government employee with any authority or set of rules that are different than what is applied to me. And I didn't need any "anti police crap" shoved down my throat. All I needed was a few interactions with government authority. I gotta agree with @Big Dummy on that.

    And it ain't just the police, but each and every one working in government who thinks they have power and authority.

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