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Thread: Tories romp ahead, still

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    Tories romp ahead, still

    A new YouGov poll puts the Tories 14 points ahead of Labour, with the Conservatives now sitting at 43% to Labour’s 29%. Despite the last fortnight’s worth of cronyism headlines, Labour has crashed by five points…
    This is now the 50th consecutive poll with the Tories in the lead, and the largest gap between the two parties since May 2020, a month after Starmer became Labour leader. On these figures, the Tories could expect a boost to its seat count by seven seats in an election tomorrow…


    The point is that Labour only used to win elections because it was guaranteed 56 seats every time in Scotland. The SNP now hold those seats, and without them, its becoming increasingly clear Labour will never win an election in England ever again as long as they are infested with the Corbynites and Momentum Marxists, unless by some disaster the Tories manage to make themselves as unpopular as Robert Mugabe.

    And the situation wont change for the foreseeable future, as long as the Marxists have the hands round Labours throat. Marxists will never admit there's anything wrong with Marxism, they will always look for someone or something to blame for their failure to win power. After the last election, when Labour got its worst result since 1935, idiots like Emily Thornberry, when asked, said 'the electorate didn't understand our message', ie 'the electorate were too stupid to vote for us', a magnificent mix of Marxist arrogance and blind stupidity.

    Tories Hit 14 Point Lead in Latest Poll - Guido Fawkes
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    I don't see SNP on your chart? When it comes to policy and law, does SNP vote with the Tories or Labour?

    When I look at the chart, I see a unified conservative block (Tories) and a divided liberal block (Labour, Lib Dems, and Greens), but in total, the conservatives are still outnumbered. How does SNP fit in?

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