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Thread: Aussie MSM view of the Minnesota riots

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    Aussie MSM view of the Minnesota riots

    This is what the rest of the world sees our MSM won’t show. All the violence and destruction.
    First lie is G Floyd was killed in custody. Floyd refused to be taken into custody, which is why he died face down in the street. Same with Dante, which is where this video takes place. He refused to be taken in without a fight.

    The desire to rule is the mother of heresies.
    – St. John Chrysostom

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    I feel sorry for the black people, here. They ALL left countries that were like this and certainly don't want it to follow them, here. When they see this, there's a sort of "wholistic wince" about it.
    It's not how you find the's how your fingers leave them. That's who you are.

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    Daunte Wright was half black, his mom was white. Maybe it should be White Lives matterOur MSM are all Political Activists.
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    It just gets tuned out after a while by overwhelmed viewers in our societies.
    "I told you the economy was going to tank under Trump". "Yeah you did. Pre Pandemic". "It was going to tank even without the Pandemic". "Uh-huh. Trumps economy was hitting it out of the park Pre Pandemic." <---My cut and paste time saving signature - for all the doom and gloom predictors who will try to rewrite history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadianeye View Post
    It just gets tuned out after a while by overwhelmed viewers in our societies.
    Overwhelmed viewers? Surely not!

    Unlike the Hollywoodised opinions of the general public (who are allowed to vote on such civil views).

    And what Biden says China do! Ad hoc per se?

    And what we used to ask people using dodgy cars on the Falls Road was was if they really supported the obviously gaylord clergy that would take over post Her Majesty's rule over that particular part of the 'Sceptered Isle'.

    Their self-subservient doctrine is embarrassing.

    And we really thank Mel Gibson for his anti-English fetishisms! Turd!


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