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Trials is crazy! The measure of win or loss is how many "dabs" (times you touch the ground with anything but the bike).
I did a little of it in my youth, just did not have the balance to pull it off.
When I was younger I rode the original style trials, i.e. natural terrain in as rough an area you could find. Since it was just a local club sponsoring them 99% of the riders rode their street bikes. About the most anyone would do would be to file the tabs off the front forks allowing the front wheel to be turned more sharply. Since the prize was a $10.00 trophy it was all fun and games. I did it for the hell of it on a 250 Jawa Scrambler with road tires and "road bars" (not clip ons but not cow horns either). Never finished in the top ten even with just 11 riders! But I did have fun doing it.