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Thread: BLM Forces Good Military Family to Abandon their Home

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorRob View Post
    Why can't he sue them for harassment? These F*ckers are really emboldened now aren't they

    Documented harrassment. They may be able to gather on a pubuic street. But yelling at a family constantly is harassment isn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by donttread View Post
    apparently it is "racist" to have a confronation with a black person if you are white. I don't even think he said anything racist. The "assault " was a slight shove.
    On the other hand he is old enough to know better and I think his ego switch was on because of onlookers. He probably deserved a talk to by the police. Instead he is arrested and his home attacked. Will anyone be arrested over that?
    More facts have come out. The woman who the black guy was harassing is also black, and ran to the drill sargent's door specifically asking for help, because she knows he's capable of defending a woman. The whole case is rotten--the white man was defending the right's of a black women to not be harassed in the street, and now he's paying for it. Unbelievable in this country.
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