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Thread: Montreal, Quebec, Canada / Gestapo Government

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    Montreal, Quebec, Canada / Gestapo Government

    50 heavily armed police just raided the hotel where our Rebel News reporters were staying in Montreal.

    I told them they couldn’t come in without a search warrant.
    So instead they manhandled me.
    They handcuffed Keean Bexte.
    And they just put David Menzies in the back of a police car.

    Police have sealed off the AirBnb we were staying in with police tape — they say it’s a “crime scene”.

    Of course it’s not. In fact, when we asked them what the “crime” was, all they could come up with was that our staying in the hotel was an illegal “gathering," contrary to Quebec’s lockdown laws.

    That’s obviously not true. It is a registered, legal hotel rental on Airbnb. In fact, we had fewer guests than the facility is built for.

    This is the same Montreal police who have harassed and assaulted our reporters for weeks. This is their revenge. Because we report on their misconduct.

    I’m very upset by this. And I remember that, several times, Montreal police have pulled our reporters over and called us “Jew Media” or asked if we’re “Jews”. I can’t help but think that’s a bizarre anti-semitic motivation. That sure isn’t professional policing.

    David is still in the back of the police car. Our lawyer is on the scene. I’m mad as hell.

    This is the Quebec PM --CAQ Party
    Socialist-Communist elected in 2018

    The one with glasses is a covid specialist clown
    just like Fauci W.H.O.

    Yeah Prime Minister of Kebekistan
    who love himself so much
    Good friend of China lover Turd0

    Can we guess in Quebec Province they will in October 2022
    lots of people will vote
    Quebec Conservative Party / Eric Duhaime for next Quebec PM
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    We can judge the heart of a nation by his treatment of animals.

    "One slice of bacon a day keep the Muslims away, add pork juice in Hallal food"

    "The're friends who will offer advice and wisdom. They're are cowgirls who come blasting through your door with whiskey, weapons, a shovel, and a plan! "


    Btw..Kurt Cobain was murdered

    *Rest In Peace Rickity Plumber*

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    Never met a jew in Canada. >not even in Saskatchewan.

    Perhaps they just infest authority?
    And what Biden says China do! Ad hoc per se?

    And what we used to ask people using dodgy cars on the Falls Road was was if they really supported the obviously gaylord clergy that would take over post Her Majesty's rule over that particular part of the 'Sceptered Isle'.

    Their self-subservient doctrine is embarrassing.

    And we really thank Mel Gibson for his anti-English fetishisms! Turd!


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