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Thread: Nazis, Marxist & Leninists Were Socialist

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    Nazis, Marxist & Leninists Were Socialist

    ...And Pre-WWII Progressives supported both

    When a socialist calls someone a Nazi today, as they are wont to do if anyone disagrees with their agenda, they are actually calling them a fellow socialist.

    Socialism is another word for collectivism, the doctrine that an individual life has no value, that an individual is owned by the collective and lives only to serve the state or group. This is an apt description for both Marxist-Leninist socialism and National Socialism.

    Read moreDr. Alexander Nussbaum

    Most of those schooled back in the forties were well acquainted with the above subject matter, but how-about those that have turned their backs on prudent thought for an evil and deadly ideology in the meantime? Unfortunately, many are being denied a proper education that once put History at the forefront along with the "3R's", and where Socialist Indoctrination has taken a prominent roll since.
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    What should we do? Do we kill them all now before they kill us?

    They already have all their socialist indoctrination done for the next generation. They completed that step. Too late. Revolution right under our noses. Maybe we should wait until they kill off all their useful idiots, and then we will have fewer to deal with ourselves.

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    Ive made multiple posts on this over the months. All fascist doctrines derive from left wing politics. Nazism is a form of Dissident Marxism, Hitler himself stated so in his book. Hitler had several issues with Marxism:

    1. He scoffed at Marx's 'class war'. He reasoned the boss class could keep their factories, because common sense tells you the boss can run it better than the welder or fork lift truck driver, but it will be run for the benefit of the people and the state. The State will tell the boss what to make and what price will be paid for it, and allow the boss to turn a small profit. Hitler seized thousands of businesses without compensation, including toll roads and bridges, foundries, fabrication plants and steel mills. He jacked up Corporation tax to 60% in the end, and suspended all trading of shares.

    2. Hitler loathed the Internationalism of Marxism. He said it turned humanity into a single grey uniform goo. it destroyed the individual. Nazism said the individual must be allowed to flourish to benefit the state, and then that energy can be channelled into nationalism and patriotism. Hence Hitlers Marxism was 'National Socialism' , not 'international Marxism' The clue is in the name.

    "National Socialism". Hitler boasted "will elevate the individual higher than Capitalism can do"

    The Great Lie of the left is that Nazism was 'right wing'. This was a bogeyman created by Stalin the keep the party faithful in line and stop them defecting to the more attractive form of Marxism, national socialism. Thus all fascisms are left wing fascisms, including Maoism and Islam.
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    Two brands of tyranny.
    We are living in a Techno-Oligarch dictatorship.... get used to it...... We just had an election stolen .....
    watch.... there is no Storm.... except the crackdown by tyrannical Leftist/Nazi/Socialists.


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    The Far Left & Left are the new Nazis

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