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Thread: UK Hartlepool By election

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    UK Hartlepool By election

    Hartlepool is a white working class northern Mill town. By any measure it should be a pushover for Labour.

    Theres a set of Constituencies in the Uk referred to as 'The Red Wall', a solid block of Labour voting majority white working class dominated old northern mill towns who all voted Labour since the year dot. All natural core labour voter seats. In the 2019 election, in those Red Wall seats, the candidates who were working class Brexiteers scored the best successes, and many of them voted Tory for Boris. However Labour havent learnt a thing from the worst kicking since 1935 they got in that election.

    So in Hartlepool, even the stupidest can figure out the plan woud lbe to field a white workign class brexiteer, preferably a local lad, who had had a proper job. But no Starmer picks a DOCTOR, a SOUTHERNER, and a hard core REMAINER, who was later educated at Oxford in a Private School. The EXACT OPPOSITE of what they needed to field......

    Unsuprisingly a poll released by Survation last night has the Conservatives on track to win in Hartlepool by a comfortable margin, with the Tories currently sitting at 49% of the vote versus Labour’s 42%. A 20% increase for the Tories since the 2019 general election…

    Even worse for Starmer is that the same poll showed his popularity amongst Hartlepool voters was half that of Boris Johnson’s, at just 24% compared to 49%. It looks like the collapse of the Brexit Party / Reform UK (which took 26% of the vote in 2019, and now polls at 1%) has only benefitted the Tories. So much for rebuilding the Red Wall…
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    I'm not a big fan of polls. I hope, in your case, they are right.

    Here in the USA, when the Democrats do something stupid like this, it is because they know or believe their organization will 'get out the vote" to put their selected candidate in the winners circle. Example: Georgia Senator Warnock. A stupid candidate, a stupid Senator, but there he is.

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    Hartlepool is a rough working class town in north east England and should be a typical Labour Party town.Back when we had PM Tony Blair in power(described as labour but in reality a different story) with a large labour majority,he leapfrogged a Mr.Peter Mandelson into the constituency.This man was a good friend of Blair who could never find Hartlepool on a map.He was a snooty southerner with corrupt dealings who should have been in prison for fraud but was Blair's buddy.Even this man was elected by Hartlepool's labour party voters.Now Mandelson is in the House of Lords and still scheming with Blair to get the UK back in the EU .
    Don't you just love politicians.

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