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Thread: Hometime With KARL the "Culver's" Cuopon Edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl View Post
    Base "Model"

    Actually I think that's the last True Base ya can even buy..

    Pickups ain't 5 speed no more

    Even the Koreans and Japs made Automatic and Air/Conditioners "Standard" on Hatchbacks

    Nowadays everybody wants a Screen to link iPhone and "Backup Cameras"

    Let's me tell ya something right there @FirstGenCanadian to Replace that Dash Screen is like 2/3 Grand..

    Back Up Cameras...First Off Look in those MIRROR.

    Secondly those Big Eyes in my Video wernt "Factory"

    I bought those at ACE Hardware & stuck-em on Myself
    Sorry, what? How did I get dragged into this conversation?
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    This is America. When you make an accusation, like you have, the burden of proof is on you.
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