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Thread: Looking for a particular knife blade style

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    I have a full set of wusthof knives with slicing fork and cerrated bread knife...the only other knife I have thats serated is wusthofs offset sandwich knife...

    Cheap knifes dont sharpen and they are dangerous as hell plus they tear up whatever your cutting.... but a good set of knives ONCE and you will have them a lifetime..
    My wusthofs look brand knew they are 27 yrs young and I only have to sharpen them once a year for the ones I use the most and every two years for the others..
    I like tiny have my own electric sharpener with 3 stations.
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    I use a washer sharpener I have had it forever the washers are hardened tool steel and give a hollow ground edge, If I am cutting bone I use a big German steel, knife that I sharpen with a diamond set. I never have to use but one because I keep them sharp so I can just press down and not have to pull them when I cut anything. I always use a cutting board and something to contain whatever I am cutting.

    Haven't seen one of those in years the last time I saw one was a cook on a railroad gang had one he used it for a fork, a knife and as a pointer, HEHEH. You can remove the old handle and mold a replacement from Fiberglass resin, just use wax to form the handle, pour the resin and the activator in the mold insert the handle with rivets or bolts in place and let it cure. Break the mold away. Custom fit Handle.
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