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Thread: Capitalisms "Failure" ain't even Real Free-Markets

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    Nothing devised by man is perfect!
    However, Capitalism is the economic engine that drove this Constitutional Republic for well and good for over 200 years. No nation on earth has ever had such an effect on it's success as the USofA, where people clamored to come here by the millions from all over the world to take advantages of it's freedom, and economic prosperity. And they were Workers, NOT Freeloaders...

    Unfortunately, politicians have a way of screwing things up!
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    Talking about money management & yes, consumerism is my thing. I love the topic. I would say this about consumerism. Consumerism is just as bad as a gun, knife or pickaxe. It's the person that makes it bad. We are all consumers but we don't all get harmed by it.

    I used to buy a new car every year when I was young. One day I sat down & thought about how much money I "lost" on every car I sold (or traded in) & how much I paid for every new car I bought. I realized that buying a car every year was eating up a huge percent of my income so I stopped. I also stopped buying things on time & that includes on credit cards. And mostly in general I stopped buying things before I had the money to pay for them. (mostly being I'll still buy a house & pay payments & a car IF the interest rates are LOW). Sadly most people buy things & make payments long into the future to pay them off & that's where they get into trouble. In the old days that generally wasn't done except by young people because they didn't know better. Now days a huge percent of the population is living that way. My guess is that covid is going to sent bankruptcy's sky high because people will fall into a hole that they can't get out of.

    Now I just bought a car & yes I financed it out. The cost was almost double what I paid for my last car (consumerism). I could have almost paid it off but I'm making just a smidge less on my money in a money market then I'm paying in interest. Plus the payments are such that I really won't notice them much (& I'll pay it off early like I always do). The truth is that I live pretty high on the hog & I don't feel like cutting back my lifestyle nor do I feel that I need to. This next payday will be a little tight but that's because we charged the down payment (I love 1% back from my CC). If they would have let me I would have charged the whole car. And I also keep a slush fund of cash around for just in case crystal buys. A few months ago we paid $2,500 for a crystal elephant (which sold new for $10,000). Next month there's an auction that I will probably bid between 4 to 6 thousand on (but I'd sell back 3 of the 5 pieces because we have them). That's why the slush fund.

    I now have the same mentality of consumerism that seemingly most Americans have. The only difference is that I have just my monthly bills & now a car payment & my monthly income covers that & more. So consumerism isn't bad UNLESS you can't afford it.

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