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Thread: Quartermaster's store

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    Quartermaster's store

    we sang a camp song in boy scouts (before the buttfuck merit badge existed) called the Quartermasters Store. One of the many verses was

    There are mice, mice, running through the rice at the stoooore the stooore...There are mice, mice, running through the rice at the Quartermaster, Quartermaster store.

    Been living here in this house I share with the landlady and her husband for 8 years. I have the the main floor. They live in the lower level when they are here.... they RV for months at a time. Never saw a mouse. The landlady's cats probably have something to do with that. I see them on my IR security cameras at all hours of the day and night patrolling the perimeter outside.

    No mice ...UNTIL... a few weeks ago. I caught sight of it outside on my camera. Well it found a way in. Freaked me out one morning this week. I ran out and bought some mousetraps. But the thing that I'm posting about here is the protection of one's prepper food. I am so glad I decided day one to put every item that is not already in a regular can into a galvanized bucket/can with tight lids. I use the Behrens brand. I have 33 of them, mixed sizes - 6 gallon, 10, 20, and 31 gallon. Only 3 are empty. In some cases they are filled efficiently. Corn, grain, bags of gluten, quinoa, cocoa, raisins, etc. In others, the packing density is light because not all food packs nicely into cylindrical cans... little plastic cups of apple sauce or plastic jars of peanut butter (yes... mice can chew through plastic.). And in some, I have vacuum sealed food separated by styrofoam-like packing peanuts to prevent the packs from abrading one another and breaking through the plastic or mylar bag. So its not like all the 6, 10, 20, or 31 gallon cans hold that many gallons of food. The worst case is 200 packs of 0.35 oz freeze dried fruit that Sam's sells in individual sealed mylar bags. Seventy ounces of dry food takes up a full 31 gallon can. Sounds wasteful of protected space.. But hydrated, it will be 70 cups of fruit. Still not an efficient use of space but better than the numbers when you look at the dry contents only. So one might resist such expensive and wasteful use of protected space as not worth the expense. But it WAS worth it. One hundred and forty dollars of fruit protected by a 25$ can.

    One mouse chewing through bags of wheat, beans, or vegetables could live and shit for months in your food... and breed. And you would have to throw it out and then check every single bag and box of food. In TEOTWAWKI, you don't want to get sick from mice shit.
    So, I caught the mouse on one of those sticky traps - it ignored the regular ones that are more humane, instant death. But through the ordeal, I did not need to worry about losing my stores. A good lesson.

    PS. Feeling sorry for the mouse, I started up my truck at midnight last night and gassed the little fella with CO exhaust in a bag where I placed the trap.
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