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    I know how you feel, I'm often wondering where I left my coffee.
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    Welcome aboard!
    Check under the bed

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    Hi cinnamon, My youngest granddaughter is about your age and in college. I will be respectful of you as a child. I will press you as a person, and I will listen to your ideas with the knowledge that you are a product of a quickly changing Historic narrative that replaces factual eyewitness history with an impression given by a self professed self serving intellectual. I am a strategy games enthusiast and like games like the Command and Conquer series. Sniper games, Chess, Pool, Warcraft, Red Baron, Aces of the pacific -etc=etc series. I also like REAL HISTORY as a reference for finding the probable and possible outcomes of an ongoing situation instead of some liberal arts majors fantastic theory. Welcome to the fray, I would like to know what is changing your view from left to right leaning. It is always good to have an idea of the basis for a change of opinion so it is easier to understand.
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