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Thread: Chris Cyborg MMA champ

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    Chris Cyborg MMA champ

    Chris Cyborg is a badass, shes been in the UFC for a long time and was champion there, she had a fall out with Dana White and she migrated to Bellator. A couple of months ago she took the title from Julia Budd and she just defended her title against Blencowe an accomplished woman boxer...

    Shes ferocious and merciless in the ring, out side the octagon shes a sweetheart, she volunteers to help kids endlessly and shes just an all around good person. Shes originally from brazil

    This is highlights of the title fight

    Skip ahead to 257, julia budd in white is the champion, the one who destroys her is Cyborg

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    Thanks for that Post...! In reference to Your Sig :

    All should bee like that ^
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    She had at least 2 suspensions for PED's. obviously they were male hormones. Everyone at that gym in San Diego have been on the juice.

    Dana wanted to have her in her prime but was not going to create a new weight class just for her. All those hormones and she just cant make 135lbs.

    Most interesting is this is her first win by submission.

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    Not a female I’d choose to bring my pregeney into this world....

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