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Thread: Why Does Communism Fail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stjames1_53 View Post
    there is no gain from being prosperous. It is all taken at the point of law and given to the rulers...just take a look and Maobama and comapny
    Thanks for adding to the IGNORANCE.

    Whatever. Communism ... when it actually EXISTS...which is rare and not lasting.. is about a effort. So far.. Power grabbers always grab the POWER and pervert the whole concept. I guess it's a built in flaw. It starts as "Communist" and in about 5 years.. is more Facist.

    Of course...only a Moron (take a bow) can't tell Obama from Mao... and Mao.. was not all that Communist/Marxist. He was a damagogues and a tad NUTS. China did WAY better when he finally was gone. That said.. He DID get rid of centuries of corrupt Feudalism. Communism is a way to get rid of Feudalism.. but it fails to maintain it's values. What the fuck does this have to do with OBAMA? Were he a Commie...he'd be the worst ever. Never did ANYTHING "commie" as he never did ANYTHING "Muslim. You stupid turds...make me wish I was a CANADIAN. Then I would not have to admit we are on the same TEAM... and you.. have no concept of "Team" anyhow. Fuck it. I'm disgusted by right wing Nazi assholes. Fuck y'all.

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    Lol ^^^

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