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Thread: Why pakis are responsible for spreading COVID

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    Why pakis are responsible for spreading COVID

    Read this, hes absolutely on the nail (and its written by a pakistani).

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    That was one heck of a long article but very worthwhile reading. The only thing I would doubt is the writer thinking that genetics plays a role in their susceptibility to the virus. The same thing was once thought about Okinawans being exceptionally healthy because of their genes. But a scientific study of second generation Okinawan-Americans revealed that they had the same rates of disease as the general population of Americans. In other words, Okinawan elders are healthy in Okinawa because they follow the traditional Okinawan way of eating.

    However, I do think the writer makes a good point when he mentions lifestyle issues. I'm not sure what their diet is like, but perhaps more could be said about that. Oops, one more thing; how about stress. Diet and stress can have a big effect on the immune system.
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