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Thread: Another Obama Moron Wannabe Officer Guilty of Rape

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    Quote Originally Posted by US Conservative View Post
    If Obama had a son.

    He needs to spend time in the stockade.
    Rape is punishable by death, in the UCMJ.

    Not that I have any illusion he'll get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustPassinThru View Post
    Rape is punishable by death, in the UCMJ.

    Not that I have any illusion he'll get it.

    Under the UCMJ rape in the military is punishable by death by hanging.

    So is murder.

    But liberals in Congress have interfered with the UCMJ and hanging is considered racist and politically incorrect.

    So now they use drugs instead if hanging.

    Other capital crimes under the UCMJ is cowardice on the battlefield. Desertion on the battlefield. Falling asleep while on guard duty or on perimitter watch in combat.

    Those crimes are punishable by death from firing squad.

    Of the U.S. servicemen put to death for crimes committed during the Second World War, 79 percent were black.

    Were These U.S. Soldiers Executed Because of Their Race?
    No, they were executed because of systematic
    Obvious their penis's are larger than their brain housing group.

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