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Thread: The Battle of Gettysburg . . .

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    7 million between both sides
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daily Bread View Post
    7 million between both sides
    must have been a typo.....I would bet 7000 rounds was low for the first volley.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdtex View Post
    A very detailed map of all the burials immediately following the battle is right here.,3.206,1.418,0
    i was on private property, with written consent from 8 land owners along rock creek, and an armed park employee seized my metal detector, wrote me up a ticket, and summoned me to court which i never went to. i lost a drivers license over that, but i was okay with it. didnt actualy loose it, i just couldnt use it anymore. at the time, i had three. i went with my second WVA license and also stopped using my maryland 1 2. facist pigs. i wasnt on park land. there were dams of blue choking rock creek. some of those dams created oxbows that filled in. im thinking because they were to have been paid three months back pay, they got their one month pay at least. 2 10s or a 20 with 2 .50s. or 4 5s with ten dimes or four quarters. every enlisted man got paid june 30. thats why stuart could move so easily. the payrolls were at set locations.
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