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Thread: Gilead To Charge Over $3,000 For Virus Drug

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    Quote Originally Posted by jirqoadai View Post
    that would be super cool! you gonna risk HIS health over it? or allow him to make his own informed dissision?
    What are you talking about?
    ~~Never Give Up Control, Live Life On Your Own Terms ~~
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foghorn View Post
    We told you so.

    Link to article

    And for another $ 12 they'll give you a different drug that actually works.
    We have seen, out of this.

    The Elites are no longer just interested in taking our money...with banksters' credit-card rates, with the Federal-Reserve inflation they so love.

    Now they're interested in KILLING us. I don't know if the Chinese were in league with them or may have been, for them, serendipity. China has a botched launch of their Great-Satan punisher; and when it doesn't kill us like it kills people in nations that have Goobermint Healf Kair...when it doesn't, they want to starve us, and drive us crazy, with pointless Martial Law, and silly wear-a-diaper-on-yer-face laws. AND by killing old Boomers by putting virus patients in old-folks' homes.

    AND...DENYING US the drugs that WORK. Using their Regulatory State to outlaw it. Using their tools in Fake Nooze to tell us how bad those drugs are.

    I can't even contemplate it without getting bilious. Which is why, this last week, I've been a bit quieter.

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