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I won't watch it either, but now we see how someone like JIM JONES could command 900 human beings to give cyanide to their children and then themselves and all die for HIM. IT'S DAMN SICKENING AND SCARY all rolled into one.
I doubt there's much in common there. There are a lot of similarities between the left and cults, but what that woman did (I didn't watch either) is no different from what happened in evergreen state college when they went nuts.

However, the commonality with the left and Jim Jones is that he was a democrat who was loved by democrats. There is a lot of good conspiracy theory stuff to work with on that end. I've got this conspiracy theory I've been working on for the last year that involves Feinstein and Jones. There are some bizarre coincidences that I can't quite make a direct connection to Jones yet, but let's just say that my spidey senses have been tingling. For example, she rose to power about a week after those idiots offed themselves. Her Chinese chauffeur who had been a chinese spy for years is no different from Jones and his communism. Hell, the man loved Mao ZeDong and had his followers reading Mao's little red book, while stepping on the bible.

Oh, and there's a member of congress right now who was there in Guiana when that shit all happened, and she amazingly survived.

Anyway, I don't have it all connected yet, and probably never will, but there are a lot of leads to work with.