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Thread: Who is George Floyd....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustPassinThru View Post
    Floyd was a drug user; he was a porn actor; he was a failed rap star (yeah, I knew it; since then, they've found some of his demo tapes) and a bouncer. With multiple drug-related felony convictions.

    I frankly never had any doubt he got what was coming to him. I think his security-buddy cop just lost his temper. No, that's not an excuse, but it takes the cop out of the realm of "pure evil." The others should have intervened but did not - maybe the local department culture, never second-guess a senior officer's decision or acts.

    So they'll pay, and heavily; but the world is a better place with Boy Floyd becoming one with the Earf.
    You call this a better place?

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    Yeah, I think having the sleepers arise and show their faces and intent, is a first step towards solving the problem.

    And, it should be obvious by now, this has nothing to do with Boy Floyd. Antifa was planning a concerted action this spring anyway; this just gave them the hook and the fig leaf.

    You don't think Soros got all those brick-pallet movers on the job in a couple of days, do you? This was LONG planned - it just needed a GO signal.

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    Floyd was a trillion miles away from the crimes of the Clintons - so what is it that is being said?? The cop killed him under the "BUT FOR" legal concept. What next, you have a record, go into a restaurant and they have the right to throw your meal at you??
    The UK Royal Family stash many millions offshore to avoid tax, while there is no money to help Military Veterans suffering mental illness... Floy was a Saint compared to them and the Clintons.
    The Cops are the trained professionals - that's the end of the matter. They must comply with the rule of law - they accept that people break the law, that's why we have cops. Therefore there must be controlling powers, THE LAW, to ensure a man with a gun, a taser, handcuffs etc... limits his response to the level of threat.
    All you do is imagine your own son is Floyd.. that's all.

    “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” – Aristotle

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
    Have you thought of applying for a job with the criminal justice system where they could do away with investigations and trials and just let you pass judgement?
    Good point...and one I did not come to, lightly. He was well subdued...which is one thing...but motive and previous behaviour is another:
    Good journey, Rickity!

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