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Thread: Summer 1964:A Day in The Life of A 9-Year Old

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    Summer 1964:A Day in The Life of A 9-Year Old

    Today we live. Tomorrow we die.
    "Evil is da Devil minus da D"

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    Quote Originally Posted by HawkTheSlayer View Post
    I was 9 in 64.

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    Hard times create strong men.
    Strong men create good times.
    Good times create weak men.
    And, weak men create hard times.

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    I was 10 in 64' and despite being half a world away in the UK, i can relate to a lot of that.

    My friends Ricky and Roger would cal for me 9:30 am, and id raid the cupboard for something t oeat later (likea block of cheese), and we'd clear off on our bikes. We go and play in the local disused Gravel Pits, malking rafts and playing round the abandoned buildings, or we'd find a building site to play on, or we'd pit our wits against the alasatian dog that guarded an orchard, The latter was like an Indiana Jones adventure. the access to the orchard was across a three inch steel pipe, with a 8 foot drop into a drainage ditch. The once across, you had to (silently) climb a 6 foot fence, and as quiet a a mouse slip across to the nearest trees and grab some apples off the low hanging branches. If the dog heard you it would fly at us snarling anf barking, and you had about 8-10 seconds to get the hell out.

    The Gravel pits were a death trap, how we survived playing there is beyond me, there were multiple ways you could have easily died, from drowning in the weed choked 100 foot deep water filled hole to falling of the precarious top of the 60 foot high derelict buildings

    The building sites were fun, We'd play tag on the scaffolding runs, build dens out of bricks, scaffolding poles and timber, have water fights. Then the police would turn up and chase us off

    We turn up home at dusk, tired, scruffy, and hungry, and most time with scuffed knees and elbows, and happy. it was a great time to be 10.

    10 years later it was still great to be 20. No real drink driving laws, no speed cameras. You could all get in a car, and drive round the countryside getting legless in multiple quaint english village pubs, get afish and chips supper, and drive home at midnight, listening to Pink Floyd on the car cassette player. 1974 was a great time to be 20.
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    11 here.

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