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Thread: Red Wave Coming? GOP Sweeps Election in Virginia Democratic Stronghold

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    Is there anyone who hasn't figured out polls are full of shit?

    If progressives were any more stupid, they would need to be watered twice a week

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    Dems of course are poo pooing it saying mail-in ballots have been used for successfully for years

    No, it has been done for years. And for years it has been crooked. There is at least one video out there of a democrat talking about busing in people to vote where they shouldn't. The democrats have to "fix" the election even in the places where they should be able to win without the fix being in.

    What was it, Detroit where they opened up voting boxes which should have contained 350 (or was it 500) hillary votes & they actually contained only 50 hillary votes. What happened to those other votes or were they made up from the start? And that crap has been happening since about 50 years ago. It's a common knowledge "secret".

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    Is there any regular posters here who will "Come Out" and admit that they WILL VOTE GOP this election cycle and not stick to their Turd Party "True Liberal" Socially Liberal /Fiscally Conservative past that seemed permanant . ???

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